Seki Diamonds

Small Area R&D
Microwave Plasma CVD Systems

Low-cost, manually-controlled entry systems with 1" deposition area


  • Easy to use, small in size
  • Quartz bell jar chamber
  • Reactor kit available (for user custom integration)
  • Heater kit (optional with up to 850C max. temperature)
  • Operating Pressure range: 10-50 Torr



  • Microcrystalline
  • Nanocrystalline
  • Homoepitaxy
  • Doped Films
  • Hydrogenation


The Model SDS 5010-INT is a microwave plasma CVD system that produces high quality diamond films and is designed to be a low-cost entry system for basic research in R&D laboratories. It can produce a wide range of polycrystalline and single crystal diamond films on a variety of substrates with properties equal to or better than those made by any other method. This system is easy to use, small in size and gives reproducible results.

The SDS5010-INT is delivered as a fully integrated and tested diamond-growth system including: 1.5kW microwave power generator, waveguide components, quartz bell jar chamber, substrate stage, air cooling blower, 3 gas channels and vacuum pump.

As a lower cost option, the SDS 5010 Reactor Kit is available with reactor only, this microwave plasma CVD system allows the user to provide integration of vacuum and gas delivery components to complete the working system.

For detailed product information and suggested configurations/options for specific diamond synthesis applications please contact us.

Download SDS 5010 brochure