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About Seki Diamond Systems

The world's premier provider of CVD diamond reactors


The broadest, most advanced selection

Seki Diamond Systems is the leading provider of CVD diamond reactors — offering the industry’s broadest selection of Microwave Plasma CVD Systems, Hot-Filament CVD Systems, and Low Temperature CVD Systems. Hundreds of these systems have been delivered worldwide.

We are proud to serve a large global network of leading diamond technology scientists and engineers who employ our systems for advanced research and commercial production in many fields, from semiconductor manufacturing to communications, from defense electronics to test and measurement and more. In addition to our own Seki Diamond microwave plasma CVD equipment we also sell hot filament diamond synthesis systems from Blue Wave Semiconductors and NeoCoat, as well as low temperature CVD reactors from W&L Coating Systems. We also provide a wide array of single crystal diamond products from Excellent Diamond Products (EDP) for numerous research and tool applications.

Sales, service, support and more…

Not only do we supply leading-edge CVD diamond reactors to our customers, we also provide comprehensive customer support, systems integration and after-sale service. We offer many technical strengths, including…

      • R&D and demo facilities
      • QC and acceptance testing
  • Installation, maintenance and repair
  • Process and applications support
  • Technical consultation

A long history

From 1948 to 2012, Seki Technotron had been an innovative engineering and high-tech trading company focused on the needs of customers in the electronics development and manufacturing industry in Japan.

In 2012, after our merger. our company name changed from Seki Technotron Corp. to Cornes Technologies, Ltd.  We launched the new brand name of Seki Diamond Systems to more clearly identify our diamond CVD business focus under Cornes Technologies, Ltd. Our U.S. office, Seki Technotron USA also changed its name to Cornes Technologies USA. For more information about Cornes Technologies Ltd. please visit the Cornes website.

Today, Cornes supplies many products, including semiconductor manufacturing equipment, electronic components and measurement systems, advanced scientific instruments and more. The CVD diamond reactors offered by Seki Diamond are manufactured in Japan, the U.S. and Europe, and they are delivered worldwide.