Seki Diamonds

Hot Filament Diamond CVD Systems

Reactors for R&D applications as well as
large-area industrial diamond coating


Hot Filament CVD provides important advantages for a number of diamond deposition applications 

Diamond deposition using hot-filament gas activation at low-pressures was the first method to achieve nucleation and continuous diamond growth on substrates. Today, advanced hot filament CVD technology can deposit high-quality, polycrystalline diamond films on a wide range of materials. Hot filament advantages include high deposition rates, large deposition areas, low electrical power consumption, and reliable, safe operation. It can provide high throughput at reasonable cost.

Among other uses, hot filament CVD systems can apply diamond coatings to tungsten carbide cutting inserts, endmills, drills, and similar parts. These diamond CVD coatings can be applied to tools and pieces of virtually any configuration, size and geometry. Hot filament technology can apply uniform diamond films for numerous applications including those with large or irregular surfaces.Typical applications include semiconductor wafers, thermal management substrates, deposition for solar cells, titanium electrodes, flat panel displays, X-ray windows, slab diamond and more.

Seki Diamond offers two complementary families of hot filament diamond CVD systems — from Blue Wave and from NeoCoat — providing a range of capabilities to cover many different applications, from R&D to large-scale industrial production.