Seki Diamonds

Blue Wave
Hot Filament Diamond CVD System

Popular hot filament reactor for many R&D applications


  • Customizable 12” diameter, spherical stainless steel water-cooled chamber
  • BWS filament assembly for small and large area deposition
  • Reaches temperatures of 2500°C and above
  • 10-inch quick access door for sample and filament holder loading and unloading
  • Multi-flanged chamber for optical windows and accessories mounting
  • Base pressure compatibility >5 x 10-2 Torr, can reach ultra high vacuum (UHV) levels
  • Maximum baking temperature of 300°C when fitted with copper gaskets



    • Nano and Micro Polycrystalline Diamond Coatings
    • Carbon Nanotubes
    • Multilayer Graphene Synthesis


The Blue Wave Hot Filament CVD System is fully-customizable and designed for synthesis of nano- and micro-polycrystalline diamond, graphene, carbon nanotubes, and a variety of other thin film coatings. Intended for affordable and simplified deposition, this hot filament diamond CVD system is used in universities and research labs across the U.S. and around the world. It offers several built-in and custom features that enable users to begin deposition of high quality films within hours of installation.

For detailed product information and suggested configurations/options for specific diamond synthesis applications please contact us.

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