Seki Diamonds

Diamond Seeds and Substrates

Larger, harder, serving a broader range of applications


Seki Diamond supplies single crystal diamond seeds and substrates fabricated by Excellent Diamond Products (EDP), the world’s leading manufacturer of this class of product. The CVD-grown single crystals are lifted off from seed crystals using a unique ion implantation process. Large mosaic crystals, consisting of 4 or 9 mono crystals, can be used for large tool blanks or large substrates.

These are the only diamond blanks available with edge length longer than 10mm. Superior hardness gives these crystals better wear resistance than HPHT. EDP crystals can be applied in optical parts for UV to far IR. They can be exposed to high energy density beams, and the ultra-thin, highly transparent plates serve as excellent X-ray windows. Exceptional hardness, size, purity and numerous other special features make EDP diamond the optimum choice for a broad spectrum of applications.


Advantages of EDP single crystal diamond

  • Greater hardness and toughness than natural or HPHT diamond
  • Planar substrates with high purity, inclusion free and sector free
  • Single-crystal diamonds up to 10mm square
  • Mosaic-process diamonds up to 28mm square
  • Thickness from 0.01 to 2.5mm, ultra-thin available to less than 50µm
  • (110) and (111) plates for tools and electronics
  • Laser-cut custom shapes: circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, etc.
  • Single- or double-sided polishing available to Ra >5nm
  • Ideal thermal diffusion coefficient to protect devices from generated heat


Many Applications

  • Gem Diamond Production
  • Mechanical

—  Water jet nozzle orifices
—  Wire drawing machine dies
—  Surgical diamond blades
—  Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) blanks
—  Milling tool blanks

  • Optical

—  UV, IR, MW, X-ray windows
—  Laser optics components

  • Semiconductor

—  Heat spreaders
—  Sub-mounts for high-power IC & laser diodes

  • Electronics

—  HEP radiation detectors
—  Beam condition monitors
—  RF diodes, BJT, FET, MEMS
—  Radiotherapy dosimeter

Applications for Diamond Seeds and Substrates

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