Seki Diamonds

A Spectrum of Applications
for our Diamond CVD Reactor Systems

A selection of equipment and features to serve a broad range of diamond synthesis needs

SDS 5200
SDS 6300
SDS 5250
SDS 6350
SDS 6500X
Blue Wave
Hot Filament
Hot Filament
W&L Low-
Temp CVD
Manual / Automated Manual 5200: Manual
6300: Auto
5250: Manual
6350: Auto
Auto Manual Auto Auto
Power 1.5 kW 1.5 kW 5 kW 6 kW
Stage Heated or Cooled Heated Cooled Cooled Heated
Typical / Max Diameter 25 / 60mm 50 / 100mm 50 / 100mm 50 / 125mm 100 / 200mm 200x200mm to 400x1180mm 100 / 300mm
Load Lock Compatible X X X X X
Microcrystalline Films / Nanocrystalline Films X X X X X X X
Single Crystal Diamond X X X X
Gem Diamond Production X
Carbon Nanotubes X
Graphene X
Boron Doped Films X X X X X X X
Low-Temp Coating <450ºC X
Tungsten Carbide
Tool Coating
Single Crystal Cutting & Machining Tools X
Freestanding Diamond for Thermal Management X X
Freestanding Diamond
for Windows
MEMS & Thin Membranes X X X X X X
Electronic Devices X X X
R&D: Lower-Cost MW Plasma System X
R&D: Hot Filament System X
Thermal/Chemical Resistant/
Scratch-Proof Coatings for Wafers & Large Substrates
Large-Scale Industrial
Diamond Coating
High Rate Diamond Growth X X

Please note: This matrix is intended to show the range of typical applications our microwave and hot filament diamond CVD reactor systems can be used for. Be aware that many of these systems can also be used or adapted for additional diamond film synthesis applications. Selection of the optimum system for you will depend on a number of specific factors, such as your substrate size, coating thickness, film quality and growth rate. Seki Diamond would be happy to review your requirements in detail and recommend a diamond CVD reactor solution that best fits your needs and your budget, whether it is for research, product development, pilot plant or transition to commercial production. We’re here to help. Please contact us.