Seki Diamonds

Hot Filament Diamond CVD Systems

Robust production reactor series for industrial diamond coating


    • Largest diamond CVD deposition surfaces on the market
    • Scaled for a range of deposition areas: 160mm x 160mm to 400mm x 1180mm
    • Solutions for pilot to large-scale coating production for tools, wafers, etc.
    • Ready-to-use solutions with low COO, broad capability
    • User-friendly GUI designed for volume production and easy maintenance



    • Cutting Tools
    • Wear Parts
    • Thermal Management
  • Electrodes
  • Metrology Applications
  • Microsystems


With deposition areas of 0.03 m², 0.12 m², 0.24 m², 0.36 m² or 0.50 m², the five reactors that comprise the NeoCoat CVDiam® HF family cover all capacity requirements, from lab-scale experiments to industrial applications and mass production. CVDiam reactors with dedicated pretreatment and coating processes can produce a spectrum of diamond films with a range of specifications: NCD (nanocrystalline), MCD (microcrystalline), various thicknesses, coatings on 3D, microstructured and edged parts, doped or intrinsic diamond, multilayers and more.

For detailed product information and suggested configurations/options for specific diamond synthesis applications please contact us.

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